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So you see a picture and you say to yourself, "How did he do that?" This section gives you insight into the creative process. If you would like a picture's history let me know.


This picture is actually a lot simpler than it looks. I was traveling from Virginia to Texas by commercial airline. I looked out the little window and saw this amazing, beautiful landscape laid out before me. I had flown so many times before and seen these beautiful sights on many occasions. But this time I had my camera. So I positioned my camera in the little hole (aka window), if you look closely on the right side you can see a little of the shadow from the window frame.

My favorite show, The Screen Savers, has a monthly competition where you are given a web cam picture with one of the cast in a candid pose. I was supposed to take this scary picture of Leo Laporte and do something cool with it. So I did the first thing that came to mind. Saving Private Ryan. I did a Google search for a good pic that most people would pick up and recognize right away. So I chose the movie poster.

I took Leo's pic and painstakingly superimposed it over Tom Hanks' face. Added shadows and tried my best to match Leo's pasty face (Ha Ha, just kidding leo) with the other characters faces. Then added a grainy touch to the finished product in order to give it back that old look the poster had originally.


This picture started with a simple teen problem, and looking back on it I see it as trivial. My girlfriend, now my ex, knew my love of photography and always wanted a picture of a sunset. I never found just the right sunset to take a picture of. Finally, for other reasons she left me. I was pretty upset for a few weeks following this event. Ironically I found the perfect sunset during all this. Strangely the sky was a gloomy gray, as you can see.

I thought (as all distraught teens do) that my depression would never end, so I named the picture, "Dark Skies Ahead." Looking back on it I can see that I wasn’t looking at the other half of the picture, the beautiful glow of the sun setting in the distance. In a way I suppose this symbolizes life, No matter how tough things seem, you just need to look further, at the other half of the picture, to see the light.

What are you waiting for!

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Sunday, July 27, 2003