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I feel this section represents much of who I am. Though I'm just a teenager I think I have learned much from the short time I've had on this earth, I can attribute this to a mom that never quits, friends that always help, and a lord that always loves. When my friends and family are having trouble figuring out how to fix some aspect of their life many times I find myself comforting them, but not just simply empathizing with them but relating my experiences in similar situations. I've been told that I have "a lot of helpful things to say," but it wasn’t until one of my friends copied what I said from an instant Message into her AIM profile that I realized I could help people outside of the small group of friends and family I know personally.

I don’t pretend I have all the answers, nor would I want to. But I do have the power to help people. Often times the truth is the hardest things to accept... it’s even harder to apply to yourself. This section is merely to help give a little insight into some of the harder aspects of being a teen from one who's still living it. Each week I put a little bit of something that either I realized, read and applied, or helped someone with.

Ultimately I'm just a guy writing his thoughts down. I know that no matter what I say, in the end its you that makes the decision... so choose wisely.

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7/31/03 -Boyfriends Defined | 7/32/03 -Love | 8/14/03 -Loosing Sight


If you spend all your time trying to get into someone’s head you loose sight of the reason you even tried in the first place, because you care about them.


-I thought with all these interesting things happening I'd throw in an extra for this week, and it’s a long one too. -

This is very long, but I have lots of things I need to put to rest for a lot of confused or just flat-out stupid people. So bear with me on this one.

Love is measured in tolerance. You love your parents; no matter how awful things get between you and them you always manage to find common ground and act like nothing happened. But the REAL question is, do you love the person your with. Now I think I've heard it about a thousand times over, "I love you, you mean the world to me. I wont let anything come between us." But what happens when you get in a fight with each other? How about when you don’t see each other for a long time? How about if your friends don’t like him/her?

I’ve had girls tell me they’re in love, but after that little fight with their "One true love" they split. Now, the point to all this is that if you really "love" someone. It should be the person you keep coming back to. The one that you just keep forgiving despite logic. BUT there is a limit to tolerance out of love. Its one thing if they leave you for a stupid reason. It’s another if you’re afraid to leave. That’s tolerance out of fear. Fear of pain, of sadness or loneliness, and even fear of the unknown afterward, whatever. Don’t confuse the two.

Your friends should NEVER, EVER, be a factor in ANY of this. If you care so little for a person that the moment your friends don’t like it you leave, you are both unprepared for a relationship of ANY kind, and you are in need of new friends. Simply put, if your friends wont accept your decision on something as important as love, then they aren’t your friends at all.

If you have it all, fame, fortune, whatever, it means nothing if you don’t have love, you're nothing at all. You may have knowledge of it all, make all the grades, grow up to be Bill Gheats, but if you don’t have love your a fool. You may be the perfect Christian, Jew, Moslem, whatever, but if you don’t have love its all pointless. You can give out everything you own, feed all the sick and needy around the world, but if you don’t have love you have starved to death already.

Love has patience, is kind; love is not envious or vain; it’s not exaggerated like gossip; it doesn’t become embarrassed, doesn’t think only of itself, it’s not easily provoked, and thinks no evil in any way.

With love you can believe in all things, hope all things, and endure anything. If there’s expectation that love will fail, those expectations will be shattered. And if their are people that don’t like it, they will disappear, like everything else...except true love.

1 Corinthians 13:1-8 [Always]


I laugh when girls leave me because they say they see me more as a friend. The irony is that that’s what’s supposed to happen, you should be with someone that you can have fun with and not be afraid that that person will leave, cheat, or lie. A boyfriend is just that, a guy that cares about you enough that you can be great friends, but who also feels strongly for you and cares deeply for you no matter what.



I feel I should start with a helpful piece of advice I learned a very long time ago. Its what most of what I say here is tied to.

Your life should be in stages. Each link in this chain is incredibly valuable. You cannot skip any, or none of it will work.

  1. Find The Lord. [ Christianity is the basis of everything I know and believe, there has been no question in my life the word of God could not answer. Though the world can be a horrible place it is just a test of faith laid out by Jesus. Even if you feel like the fates are against you realize that The Lord has a plan for us all, IF we CHOOSE to accept it.
  2. Find your self. [ Once you find Christ you can gain self-confidence and build up a positive self-image. Think about what you want, from yourself, life, and other people. Find what makes you happy and go for it.
  3. Find your friends. [ With a positive attitude and an un-wavering sense of happiness you will attract friends. People will want to be around you. Find the people that make you feel good without expecting anything in return.
  4. Find your heart. [ With a solid base of religion, self-confidence, and true friends you can look for a higher level of happiness. Find that special person that makes you feel great. Someone you can be great friends with and at the same time feel strongly for him or her.

I try to follow that stuff everyday, but I'm only human. Everyone gets depressed, gets left behind, or feels alone at some point in their lives just remember that things will get better, suicide and self injury are just running from a problem. Running doesn’t make things go away. In fact time only makes bad things worse. Confronting your problem head on is the only way to get through it.

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Thursday, August 14, 2003